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Just a few words from some of our current and previous clients.
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Our greatest asset is helping people achieve their goals and then having them tell others about it. 
Thank you for stopping by!

"My whole family went to Paideuo Power and trained under Mark. Mark helped my boys not only become stronger and quicker but helped them find faith in themselves! Under Mark, my 9 year old got first place for his age group at the NASA powerlifting event. Under Mark my 8 year old gained so much power and speed, that this year in football he exceeded beyond what we had ever expected. Last season he was a bench warmer and this season the quarterback. There is no doubt that by working with Mark he gained the strength, agility and confidence in himself! Mark trains with passion and heart! if you go to his gym you will see improvements in strength, speed and most importantly your confidence! highly recommend Paideuo Power and Agility."
-Emilie J. 

"Paideuo Power us great because one man and one man only… Mark Violet. He has taught me many lessons and completely changed my life. Without him I'm still a skinny kid who had no motivation whatsoever. But he changed that and changed many other lives."
- ​Steve VanBuskirk 14 - 2 years

"I’ve been at the gym for a little bit now and I already love it, the people In the gym are always there to help and improve you, especially Mark. He always helps with form and with whatever you need. There’s no other gym that is like Paideuo. It’s not finished after working out, after work outs there is speed and agility to
Improve speed and on Wednesdays and Thursdays."
- Aiden Heber

Coach mark has been not only a great trainer for me, but a father also. He has changed my life is ways he doesn’t even understand, and I’ve never been more thankful to have someone in my life." 
- Owen Ranly - 17 - 10 years

"We have attended Paideuo Power’s homeschool gym classes. The kids had an opportunity to learn fundamentals in exercising and fitness training. Coach Mark has a passion to strengthen the next generation. Excited to see my kids grow up under his guidance and training! I have seen him train other students who have gone to excel in sports and in attitude. Highly recommend!!"

"I joined the Paideuo Gym when I was 12 years old, 18 now. I started working with Mark Violet in hopes of gaining some weight for Track and Field so I could lower my times, What I got was not only weight gained, but a significant increase in speed and a wonderful family with endless memories. I could not recommend a better place for somebody in search of elite training to take their ability to the next level."

"As a coach/parent of 3 multiple sport athletes of varying age levels; I can tell you that Mark has developed an individualized program for each of them. During their evaluation on our first visit he immediately identified the areas that needed improvement to help them become more successful athletes; and implemented it. After just a few short weeks their improvement was obvious to everyone including their coaches!
One of the things I think is the most impressive is Mark is able to get through to every one in the gym and motivate them to be successful. You can see the level of respect they all have for him."
- Walter A.

"Even though I have only been going to Paidueo Power for about three months now, I have already settled in very well. The people there are very welcoming and the owner Mark is very good at showing you how to use all the equipment and do the exercises correctly. The gym has lots of different machines and exercises available. It’s a smaller gym; which gives it the small every one knows everyone feel. The open turf area allows for many different speed and agility exercises. The best thing that about Paidueo Power in my opinion though, is the recovery room. Not many gyms offer a recovery room that is open to participants, with no extra charge. When I got a small back injury (pulled muscle) playing for my select lax team; he let me use all the available things that I needed to get healed. Mark put a lot of effort and gave lots of instruction on how to get better as quick as possible. Another really good thing about it is that there are lots of other members that are willing to help you. I am a lacrosse goalie and it’s very helpful that there are other goalies that can help me, and I can help them get better. There are also other players that can shoot on me and give me good full lacrosse training. The owner cares about every single athlete and treats you as an individual, not as another member of a class to make money.
Thanks for all that you do for us Mark"
-Alex A.

"Mark Violet owns and run this gym. Mark has been very involved in youth sports for 20 years. He has helped
develop a lot of great athletes during that time who have earned state and world records.He is very passionate about athletic training, his programs start at age 3 with body weight and progress until adulthood. He also athletic services to help with autism,tourette syndrome and he offers high level faceoff training. His belief in his athletes both at the highest level and all the way down was very evident to me"


"Coach Mark brings many years of coaching and personal experience in lifting to how he trains athletes at the gym. He’s knowledgeable in how to create effective programs and is always willing to answer any questions you may have. Whether you’re training for overall fitness and mobility or for a particular sport, Coach Mark will help you reach your goals."
-Ryan Y

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