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About Us

Paideuo in Greek means:



The goal of Paideuo is to train individuals and help them achieve their fitness and athletic goals.

Out of the desire to change lives through hard work and motivation, This gym was birthed out of that same hard work and motivation in 2017, although training through Coach Mark started long before that. 

Some of the qualifications Coach Mark Violet holds are:

- IYCA certified (The International Youth Conditioning Association)

- Youth Fitness Specialist

- High School Strength and Conditioning Specialist

- Speed and Agility Specialist

- Nutrition Certified

- Olympic Lift Teaching Certified

-and nutrition certified along with a certification in teaching the Olympic lifts.

Coach Mark's style of training consists of:

- Cutting edge research

- Training based on methods proven to show results

- Small group training/One on one training

- Accurate lifting and movement technique

- An tough, yet encouraging style of coaching and training

Although the gym's name is based on helping children reach their goals, individuals and families of all ages are welcome to use the facility. Many parents train right along side of their children at Paideuo. What greater way for a child to learn the benefits of resistance training than by seeing a parent engage in the very act along side of them.

"The greatest exercises and training happen with a barbell and sweat."

- Coach Mark

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