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           FAT LOSS

Losing fat is not an overnight process, nor is it impossible. It took time to put on the unwanted pounds and there is truly no "magic" pill that will make it happen without a plan and a desire to succeed. Paideuo will set you on the path to meet your goals through nutrition habits and training on a regular basis. Its never too late to get healthy and today is always a great day to start. Contact us for a plan and the motivational help to get and keep you on track. 



Paideuo has a mobile speed camp at your disposal. If you have a sports team that needs speed and agility training, we will gladly come to your field or park and teach your athletes to be faster and quicker. There is a minimum number of athletes for  this service. Contact us for further details.

We offer speed and agility camps throughout the spring and summer at our facility. The camps are weekly and can be used by athletes on a drop in basis.

"Strength is key to speed. There aren't many sprinters I know that don't have a bodybuilders physique." 



Paideuo offers sport specific training year round. We have coaches on staff who coach sports on many different levels. From peewee to high school. We can help you get ready for your sport of choice, football, soccer,baseball, wrestling, jiu jitsu, rugby, volleyball, baseball

       Personal Training

Paideuo offers personal training for individuals who would like to get into  shape.  This is good for athletes getting ready for a season or anyone with a goal they want to achieve. After assessment, a program will be instituted to achieve the desired outcome. Paideuo staff can help you achieve your goals. Through motivation and encouragement, you can achieve anything you want and we can help.

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